I know firsthand what it feels like to show up for myself, even when I don’t feel it. As a Black woman, I understand how hard it is to live authentically in a society that makes you feel like you aren’t enough. I’ve come to remind you that you are. 

Much like in my everyday life, I provide a non-judgemental approach to therapy. This creates a safe space for you to be your whole self, unapologetically, and gives me the opportunity to better understand what you need from therapy. I believe that everyone, regardless of background, family history or identity, deserves acceptance, love and peace of mind. My approach is person-centered & my practice is grounded in holistic wellness. I think it’s important to see people as a whole being & I find joy in helping others focus on their strengths and grow into the person they want to be. I have experience providing therapy to both individuals & couples. 

I am currently being trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to use in my practice with couples & relationships of all styles. My ideal client is someone who is at the intersection of multiple minority groups & I enjoy helping individuals cope with stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions, issues related to identity and the impact of organized religion. My passion for maternal mental health has fueled me in my journey as a birth worker. My aim is to help lower the maternal mortality rate that disproportionately affects Black & Brown folx, through mental, emotional & physical support.