Keys to Nourishing Yourself

featuring Courtney Vickery, MS, RD, LD

Listen as I chat with Courtney Vickery, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Courtney gives her patients the space to be in tune with their emotions on eating and nourishing their bodies. She really gives her clients a place to relax and to know that they are doing a good job! Nutritional advice can be especially helpful with moms, allowing them develop a sense of self-compassion and a positive body image. If you would like to learn more about nutritional guidance, check out Courtney’s website Vickery Wellness.

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The Joys of Being a TheraParent

featuring Millie Fuller

Building rapport is super important within the Athens Parent Well-being Community. On this episode, I chat with Millie Fuller who is a TheraParent Volunteer! As a TheraParent, Millie meets up with two Blossoming Mamas. Millie shares how nice it is to feel a part of each other’s lives. In fact, Millie recalls one Blossoming Mama saying, “ I finally now feel like I’m worth so much more”. Millie talks about how that was a really big win for the mother because she truly deserves feeling worthy. Being a TheraParent gives support and resources to Blossoming Mamas and Papas.

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How Can Therapy Help New Parents?

featuring Jeannie Latimer, LPC

Amidst the many changes and struggles that new parents face, it can often be hard to navigate welcoming a new child into the world. Instead of trying to go on this new road all alone, it can be helpful to have someone to walk alongside you on the winding path of parenthood. Meet Jeannie - a licensed professional counselor who assists clients through life's challenges in a safe, supportive environment. Renee talks with Jeannie about her background in counseling, how she got connected with Athens Parent Wellbeing, and the benefits of counseling for new parents experiencing anxiety and depression. Jeannie shares how depressive symptoms can appear in women during and after pregnancy, the barriers to receiving mental health care, and how cognitive behavior therapy is a helpful therapy method for new mothers. Click here to learn more about how Athens Parent Wellbeing can support you. Click here to learn more about Jeannie Latimer and her counseling services at Adult and Child Counseling of Athens.

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