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Valerie Miranda

Hi mamas! My name is Valerie Miranda.  I am a licensed professional counselor, but during our maternal mental health group, I will be acting as a peer mentor.  I want to tell you what Athens Parent Wellbeing has done for me and what I hope it can do for you.  10 months postpartum (Yes, PPD and PPA can occur anytime within 12 months after giving birth), I had an intrusive thought about my children.  I started attending this group in hopes of being able to work through some of these thoughts, but once a month was not enough.  Athens Parent Wellbeing helped support me with a Theramama and additional counseling as well. 

I was struggling with one baby and one toddler.  My baby did not sleep through the night until 21 months, my toddler has mental health needs that we are slowly addressing.  I needed all the mental health help I could get.  Monira and Athens Parent Wellbing did this for me.  

I want this group to be a place for you to talk about the real struggles of motherhood, the fears of motherhood, and the joys and heartbreaks of motherhood.  I want us to be able to support each other on  our journey as we progress through this stage of life.  I hope to teach you some skills, share my experiences as a mother over the last 4 years and as a counselor over the last 13 years; and lastly share the joys and fears that come along with being a mother.

I hope you will find peace in this group and a space where you can express your needs openly. 

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Group Support Testimonials

  • "I woke up feeling like a huge weight had been lifted..."

    "Yesterday on the home front was a rough day. You know those days where everyone including the dog is having accidents and meltdowns and you can’t seem to catch a break? Somewhere in the midst of it I saw an invite for a zoom Maternal Mental Health meeting sponsored by Reblossom and I signed up. My husband tackled bedtime while I got some much needed time with other moms. I was able to vent and was introduced to new resources to help me mom the way I’d always envisioned. This morning I woke up feeling like a huge weight had been lifted. The boys and I built race tracks before breakfast, danced to music during breakfast, they helped me with the after breakfast dishes, and we just finished a family movie time. No one can really tell you how to mom during a pandemic. It’s something we’re all learning but I realized last night self care is essential. I think we could all use some sort of pandemic support group and just being told “you’re not alone in the struggle.” Reblossom will be having once a month zoom meetings if anyone is interested in joining next time. Thank you so much Monira for organizing the meeting and using your shop to help other moms." - A.J.

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